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Xiaowa E2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Methodical cleaning perfection
Sweeping + mopping | Independent path planning | 1800Pa pressure suction | 2600mAh battery capacity for long battery life

Autonomous Route Planning and Integrated Cleaning & Mopping

A dual-gyroscope inertial navigation system is equipped and high-precision dual-optical motion tracking sensors and other sensors are incorporated to implement real-time route planning. 1800Pa high suction capacity is combined with the botanically biomimetic wet mopping system to allow cleaning first and then mopping in a cleaning cycle. A life class artwork is positioned with technology and design to create a bright spot in your life and thus give you a new and good well-being.

Dual-gyroscope system

Electric eye tracking

Route planning

Integrated cleaning + mopping

App remote control

Xiaowa E2

Dual gyroscope to sense an operating angle keenly

Linear cleaning to avoid running around

High-precision EPSON gyroscope system from Japan and 6-axis BOSCH gyroscope system from Germany are combined to form a dual-gyroscope system to reduce the data error that may be made in the case of a single gyroscope, to comprehensively sense the change of its operating angle and also to flexibly adjust the robot body to keep cleaning as planned. Whether running on a flat surface, crossing an obstacle or being lifted up, the robot can always keep linear cleaning without running around.

"Electric eye" precisely calculates each step and a cleaning map is accurately defined without missing

Dual optical Laser + LED motion tracking sensors are equipped to capture the floor in high frequency. The digital signal processor compares, analyzes and process images to accurately calculate the motion direction and displacement of the robot. Cleaned and uncleaned areas can be easily located and identified on the map even in a complicated home environment to reduce the possibilities of repetition and missing.

Keep the map information in mind to achieve more efficient planning
cleaning and mopping

13 types of sensors are equipped and multiple data is fused to generate a cleaning map in real time to identify a location which is cleaned or missed; In addition, high-precision sensors are capable of keenly sensing the operating angle and distance to ensure that it works as planned without running around and finally form a high-efficiency cleaning mode in Z-shape coverage first and then along edges.
* A cleaning route is programmed as the case may be, and its illustration herein is only for information.
Xiaowa E2 map

Automatic recharge and resumption from where left off

Avoid repeated cleaning
Resumption from where left off is supported. For a large house that cleaning cannot be completed at a time, the robot will automatically return to the dock charger to be charged to 80%, and then go back to resume the cleaning cycle from where left off, and at the same time, if the robot is suspended or moved, you can resume the cleaning cycle by placing it back to the original point, without repeated cleaning.

Auto recharge

Resumption from where left off

* Number of attempts to resume from where left off is limited to 2 for one cleaning cycle

Powerful cleaning and even wet mopping to realize good cleaning effect at one go

1800Pa high air pressure suction capacity, is combined with 3D cleaning systems such as side brush working transversely and rolling brush working vertically to easily absorb dust, hair, debris and thus clean dusty places like the floor or gaps between tiles deeply. The botanically biomimetic wet mopping system is combined to allow cleaning first and then mopping at one go and thus realize doubled cleaning effect.
Xiaowa E2 cleaning and mopping

High suction of 1800Pa and powerful cleaning

A high air flow brushless fan has the maximum air pressure about 1800Pa*, allowing quick and efficient cleaning of dust accumulated on the floor or carpet and also allowing you to get the instant results.
Xiaowa E2 suction
* As measured by the Roborock Lab, the air pressure in MAX cleaning mode in practical use is about 1800Pa.

Streamlined air dust design offers both quietness and cleanness

The aerodynamically streamlined air duct is designed with a horn mouth that forms a high static pressure zone with significantly higher suction, and the air duct inwall uses three-section design on the windward side that guides the air flow smoothly to offer a high-static-pressure yet low-noise cleaning experience.

Botanically biomimetic wet mopping system

The new design of the wet mopping system mimics a tree with the filter as roots and mopping cloth as leaves. They can control the water seepage in an organic manner for wet mopping of 45 to 60 minutes*. Uniform water seepage is achieved during mopping. The mopping cloth will not be overflowed when the cleaner is still.
* Data is sourced from Roborock Lab. The wet mopping duration is related to floor conditions. The test result is for reference only.
High precision water tank filter
intelligently control water seepage
The high-precision botanically biomimetic vascular bundle filter connects the water tanks and the mopping cloth. The filter automatically absorbs water based on the capillary principle to make the cloth keep sufficient water. When mopping stops and the mopping cloth has no water loss, the filter will control water seepage without leakage.
Completely fitted mopping cloth to
evenly clean the floor
The combination of slot + well-fitting design allows the mopping cloth to fully well fit onto the water tank, without edge curl. The mopping cloth has the width equal to that of the main brush and works in the principle of cleaning first and then mopping. Mopping can be executed only after cleaning to avoid getting muddy and thus effectively cleaning the floor.
Drawer-type removal
without the need of overturn
It is designed to support drawer-type removal in such a way that no overturn is required but simply, quickly, easily and conveniently inserting it into the bottom of the robot.

More versatility means better company

Up to 13 types of sensors are equipped, in addition to smart algorithm and powerful obstacle crossing capability, to easily satisfy various complicated household environments and special cleaning demands.
Omni-directional recharge sensor
Electronic compass sensor
Infrared deceleration sensor
Dust box detection sensor
Infrared recharge sensor
Cliff sensor
Motion tracking sensor
Dual gyroscope/accelerometer
Fall sensor
Mileage and
Fan speed sensor

Decelerated collision to protect furniture

7 groups of IR deceleration sensors form an optical deceleration array, each of which detects an obstacle ahead in real time for 50 times every second and decelerate in advance and collide lightly to protect itself and furniture.

Obstacle crossing, cleaning is possible even under the bed

Detect an obstacle via infrared ray in real time, identify the type of the obstacle via the bumper after deceleration, easily cross soft obstacles such as a curtain or bed sheet, and also clean an area in which cleaning is difficult.

2 cm strong obstacle crossing to ensure smooth running

It can cross obstacles up to 2 cm high, including common thresholds or other things such as cables among furniture, as easily as walking on firm earth
* Data regarding obstacle crossing is measured by Roborock Lab on the circular wiring duct of 2 cm center-height. Obstacle crossing height will be affected by different ground shapes and materials. The actual situation should prevail. Obstacle-crossing capability may be decreased when the water tank is installed.
Along-wall cleaning
The robot always keeps a proper distance from a wall when walking along the wall, and works with its high-speed side brush to clean the gap along the wall.
Get itself out of being stuck
In a complicated house environment, it will actively try to get itself out of the area where it gets stuck.
Carpet Boost
Automatically identify and enable the maximum suction capacity to start cleaning on carpeted floor. Automatically resume its normal suction capacity out of carpeted floor.
* The Carpet Boost mode should be enabled from your Mi Home app. It may not be suitable for some long-haired carpets.
Fall Prevention
4 cliff sensors are configured to sense step height in real time and prevent fall to ensure safe cleaning.
* Some light-colored floors have the trigger height up to 7 cm, depending on the floor color.
Spot cleaning
To clean up rubbish in a centralized manner in a small range, press the Spot Cleaning button to start the spot cleaning mode, in which the robot will clean circularly by centering at itself of 1.2 m.
Virtual Wall
Virtual walls can be precisely detected by dual electronic compass sensors which offer more precise blocking when compared with single electronic compass. A single virtual wall or combination of several virtual walls allows setting a specific non-cleaning range to ensure safe cleaning space.

640 ml large dust bin which can be weekly cleaned up without worry

Clean the dust bin up weekly and reduce manual intervention. The FIP-grade sealed dust bin is designed in such a way that dust will not be overflowed even when it is used for a prolonged period of time. The large E11-grade washable strainer lets clean air pass while filtering out dirt and impurities to prevent secondary pollution. The strainer detection is provided to avoid the situation where you forget to install the strainer and eliminate the possible damage to the fan.


Large dust bin


Sealing method


Washable strainer backing
Xiaowa E2 dust bin

3-level hair prevention system to offer reassured cleaning

The main brush, side brush and omni-directional wheels are all designed to be tangle-free, preventing hairs from getting into the bearings and clogging the motor. Further, a "beak-like" cleaning tool is provided to effectively clean up hairs from the main brush and thus ensure the cleaning effect.

Tangle-free main brush bearing

Tangle-free omni-directional wheels

Tangle-free side brush

2600mAh lithium battery to ensure good endurance

High-quality high-energy density 18650 lithium battery capable of working for continuous 1.5 hours* and combining with the auto recharge function to meet cleaning demands of houses with different areas. The constant current constant voltage recharging mechanism is specially designed to ensure long and reliable service of the battery.
*This data is measured by Roborock Lab under a wood floor condition. The actual result may be different, depending on the use environment and method.
Xiaowa E2 battery

The omni-directional recharge technology ensures the availability at any time

A omni-directional recharge sensor is provided to sense the recharge signal 360°, lock the dock charger and plan a route on a map for quick recharging. At the same time, the dock charger collision avoidance signal is available to avoid collision onto the dock charger.

Innovative, original, modular, robust and durable

6 modules (omni-directional wheels, main brush, side brush, wheels * 2, battery) can be removed independently to ensure higher maintenance efficiency.
Xiaowa E2 top gap Xiaowa E2 dust box Xiaowa E2 middle drive Xiaowa E2 dust box container Xiaowa slide brush Xiaowa E2 battery Xiaowa E2 wheel Xiaowa E2 bottom gap Xiaowa E2 water box Xiaowa E2 veer wheel

App remote control to keep everything under control

Open the Mi Home app to remotely start cleaning at any time and check the operating status and cleaning map of the robot in real time. You will feel good at a clean floor when coming home from work. Presetting, starting, suspending or canceling a cleaning task can be done by one touch. In addition, you can remotely update the robot software system and continuously optimize the algorithm to make it smarter.

Real-time map

Timer cleaning

Online update

Mi home app

Refresh your well-being by starting from this

The combination of beautiful appearance, simple design, purely rounded body design and IMR-grade housing forms a delicate artwork.
* The data mentioned above, unless otherwise expressly stated, is internally obtained or collected by Roborock. The actual result may be different, depending on the use environment and method.